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No Confidence in VOIP Teleconferencing

The zero-cost nature of internet telephone services has encouraged many smaller groups and organizations that could not previously afford teleconferencing to give it a try. Results have been discouraging.

"A private, reliable and pocket friendly communication facility was long pending," explains Alicia Roberts, head of a Legal firm with outsourced back office operations. "Everything we tried with VOIP had sound problems but CallingSources has helped us bring down a very necessary overhead without losing the sound quality."

VOIP, or "Voice Over Internet Protocol" usually works OK most of the time but if just one person has a slow connection it can go horribly wrong when attempting to teleconference. Even instant messaging (IM) can suffer lag with a lot of people at once. Now a new website, offered by J&J Twins Corporation called offers a blend of online digital convenience and cost-cutting but uses “real-telephone” facilities. An online control panel makes setting up a conference a cinch but the calls are over real PSTN (Public Switched Network Services) with conventional telephones. The ability to digitally record and download the conference is an added bonus and account holders can continue to use their control panel forevermore at no further charge, making frequent conferencing very affordable.

According to Gennady Mikhaylov, the CEO and founder of CallingSources, "Both big and small companies along with non-profits and grass-root organizations can benefit from the service we provide as there are no ongoing charges. Each user just pays for their call at normal rates, that’s it. We’ve extended the service to include a powerful menu-driven voice message-center which the user administers themselves after we set them up so there’s no further cost to us. That puts big business facilities in reach of everyone, for free"

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