My Promise To You

A Message From the Man Behind the Idea.

I’m Gennady, CEO of CallingSources and I want to congratulate you for considering CallingSources for your advanced telecom services.

It’s a real pleasure to be able to offer such high-level facilities at not just LOW cost but at ZERO cost to you. It’s an amazing offer and I understand you may be skeptical or wondering what the catch is! In the past such services were reserved for large corporations and executives only, not least because they are so expensive. Yet today, by taking advantage of digital technology and self-administration, we have broken ALL price barriers. In fact we shattered them, COMPLETELY and we really CAN provide you these services, for FREE!

We charge nothing but the standard telecom activation charge (SAC) for a very simple reason; because we can! We concentrate on the three most powerful and useful services for you, high capacity Private Voicemail, a fully-featured professional Menu Message Center and World-Class Teleconferencing. There are no premiums or surcharges on the call rates you’re already paying and once your CallingSources account is activated you can continue to use these services whenever you want, as often as you wish.

There are no costs to us and we make no charges to you. This ensures our position as a market leader in what we do, which is placing your telecommunication needs first, providing the support of absolutely top-rate 24 hour technical support TOLL-FREE – and we can do this WITHOUT restrictive contracts or strings attached.


THERE REALLY ARE NO FURTHER CHARGES from us; that’s my promise to you!

  • Save Big

Start saving money today and enjoy all the benefits of high-level services without the cost.

  • Save Bigger

If you save us time by activating 2 services at the same time we can save you even more by providing the 3rd service FREE with our “Sweet Deal”.

  • Make Money!

Once we have PROVEN to you that we really do offer the highest level of products and support without ongoing charges, you can even MAKE MONEY with our Refer a Friend program!

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