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A Friend in Need is... $20!

“A penny saved is a penny earned” and with CallingSources you can certainly SAVE money. We can go even BETTER than saving money though; we can GIVE you money!

When you find a friend in need of our services we will actually PAY you to save your friends money and get them hooked-up with CallingSources!

It could be your boss, your teacher, a colleague, a fellow student, someone who works for you or even a complete stranger. If they need or would LIKE such services, wants to save money and have access to the internet, we can help them. We then reward YOU for helping everybody.

For some people this is a full-time income but even if pursued on a casual basis you’ll find $20 here, $20 there, it soon adds up! If you need to meet a high mortgage or just want some fresh CDs, everyone could do with some extra $20 bills in their pocket.

If you could refer just two people a week for one month that’s $160.00 right there in your PayPal. What would YOU do with that? We’re not sure we want to know but we DO want your friends to know about our services!

For each “Sweet Deal” activation that is a result of your referral we reward you with $20, which we can directly credit to your PayPal account. If just a single service, $10 but we find most people have a sweet tooth!

So that we can help and advise you please provide some basic details about yourself and we will get back you with more information.

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Thank you for your interest and we look forward to you joining our team!


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