Spoilt for Choice? Here’s a Sweet Deal

Cutting costs for our clients by NO further charges once we’ve set up your personal account and control panel is what CallingSources is famous for BUT we can reduce your costs even more!

If you initiate all 3 primary telephone services at the same time we can create and activate your accounts and numbers at the same time at OUR end as well. We pass that saving onto you.

The three services work beautifully together. You get a professional and flexible Message Center for business, personal and private Voice Mail and our powerful Teleconferencing Facility to cover all your telephony needs now AND in the future. For home or business, for hobbies or just for fun, you’re forever covered.

Despite the steep discount our promise still stands: NO extra charges and you don’t lose any of the features. It’s EXACTLY like activating each service individually, with your number and PIN for each separate service – but even cheaper.

We only charge for setting you up on the public networks and creating your private control panel so our standard activation fee of $50 is not affected by which service you choose. However if you order two of them we can give you the third service:


If you want to cost it per service ($33.33) that’s LESS than the activation for a standard telephone line, WITHOUT the ongoing monthly fees!

We cannot give away that third service at a later time but it’s FREE with the deal, so why not grab it now?

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